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We are Western Canada’s most trusted ARGO Amphibious XTV dealer located in Edson, AB. 

We stock a vast inventory of new parts and accessories, only selling the ARGO brand. With 30 years of combined knowledge, we offer the best ARGO sales experience and parts support nationwide. 

What Makes an ARGO Special?

Whether it is for commercial or personal utility use, ARGOs fill the gap between recreational quads and heavy off-road equipment. The amphibious ARGO XTV has proven itself as a reliable off-road vehicle in some of the world’s most remote regions. ARGOs perform when other vehicles can’t get the job done. It is the vehicle of choice for big game and waterfowl hunting, outfitters, property owners and adventure tour operators. The ARGO is also environmentally friendly due to its low ground pressure and features options such as tracks, receiver winch, brushguards, convertible soft top, and snow plough. ARGO XTVs will climb, crawl or swim anywhere you must go, with the equipment and tools you need, at a cost you can afford.

Other Reasons Why We Love ARGO:

Today’s best Static Stability Factor (SSF) means ARGOs are up to four times less likely to roll-over than traditional UTVs.
  • With the industry’s lowest center of gravity (CG), ARGO vehicles traverse side slopes, grades and obstacles that are inaccessible to other vehicles.

  • Attachments are designed, tested, and engineered to minimize the impact of the Static Stability Factor.

  • Payloads are low to the ground to maintain stability in motion, even when fully loaded.

  • The exclusive Admiral triple-differential transmission provides exceptionally smooth steering in constricted areas while maintaining traction on all wheels.
In environmentally sensitive areas, ARGOs tread lightly and leave no toxic traces behind.
  • With ground pressure as low as 1.06 psi, ARGO will cross fragile terrain features with no lasting impact on vegetation and substrates.

  • ARGO’s fully sealed body ensures that all engine and mechanical fluids are well contained to avert all soil and water contamination.

  • The design and placement of the exhaust and electrical systems of ARGO minimize any risk of a fire hazard in dry vegetation.

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